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About The Global Virtual Alumni Meet 2023

The Alumni Affairs Office has now planned to reach out to all the Alumni located all over the Globe by organizing its second “IIITA Global Virtual Alumni Meet 2023” on the 3rd September 2023. Based on the suggestions received from the Executive Committee members of the 6 Chapters (4 in India and 2 Abroad), an event schedule has been prepared and valuable suggestions from the Hon’ble Director are also included in the schedule. This virtual alumni meet is going to be memorable to you and to IIITA also. During this meet, you (the alumni) will recreate memories of your college days, connect with old friends and other alumni from different parts of the world. Reconnect with your professors, rekindle long-forgotten tales, discuss new ideas, resolutions and visions for the college with professors. There are opportunities for tons of interaction with present students and other alumni through break-out sessions. It’s a chance you don’t want to miss!


Prof. Mukul S. Sutaone
Director, IIITA

Chief Guest

Hon'ble Dr. Anand Deshpande
Chairman BoG, IIITA


Prof. Anupam
Dean (Alumni Affairs)

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Join the IIITA Global Virtual Alumni Meet 2023

We're thrilled to cordially invite you to the highly anticipated IIITA Global Virtual Alumni Meet 2023. This event serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to bring together our vibrant alumni community. The Alumni Affairs Office has consistently directed its efforts towards nurturing a thriving alumni network. Your participation in the Global Virtual Alumni Meet 2023 is an invaluable contribution.

  • 01Session 1

    Global Virtual Alumni Meet 2023
    ( Session 1 )(11:00 AM - 01:00 PM IST)
    Welcome address by Anchors:   03 min
    Maa Saraswati Vandana:   02 min
    Memory Video:   03 min
    Speech by hon’ble Director IIITA (Chief Patron):   10 min
    Speech by hon’ble Chief Guest (Chairman BOG, IIITA):   10 min
    Welcome speech by Dean Alumni Affairs:   05 min
    Dean's/ Faculty Speech:   15 min
    Alumni Speech (one by one): (INDIA) (05)   40 min
    Cultural Program (Recorded):   27 min
    Vote of Thanks (2nd session Invitation):   03 min
    National Anthem:   02 min

  • 02Session 2

    Session 2 : (07:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST)
    Welcome Address By Anchors:   03 min
    Memory Video/ College Walkthrough video:  05 min
    Speech of Hon’ble Director, IIITA:  10 min
    Dean Alumni Affairs’ speech:  05 min
    Senior Faculty/ HoDs speech:  08 min
    President, Students’ Gymkhana Speech: (on behalf of passing-out students):  04 min
    Alumni speech (one by one) (ABROAD) (6):  60 min
    Interaction of alumni with students/Breakout sessions :  60 min
    Cultural Program (Recorded):  20 min
    Vote of Thanks:  03 min
    National Anthem:  02 min

  • 03Download the complete schedule

Alumni Stories

Session 1

Dr. Rahul Jaiswal

Senior Engineer, Product Engineering,
Analog Devices,
County Limerick, Ireland
M.Tech 2013-2015

Moderator of This Session

Vivek Dadu

Humble School Private Limited,
Hyderabad, Telangana B.Tech (IT) 2003-2007

Arqum Ahmad

Industry 4.0 Expert, Leonardo, Italy
B.Tech (IT)+M.Tech 2014-2019

Akash Tomar

SSP, at Indian Police Service
Gonda,Uttar Pradesh
B.Tech 2007-2011

Shreyas Srivastava

IFS,Indian Government
B.Tech (ECE) 2007-2011

Alumni Stories

Session 2

Kumar Rishav

Senior Product Engineer, Impact Analytics,
ElasticRun, Ahmedabad
B.Tech (IT) 2010-2014

Moderator of This Session

Ankit Mittal

Principal Solution Architech
Arcesium LLC (The D. E. Shaw Group), NewYork, US
B.Tech (IT) 2007-2011

Sunny Shukla

Executive Director
Goldman Sachs, London, UK
B.Tech (IT) 2008-2012

Harmeet Singh

Co-Founder, COO at Flokq
Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia
B.Tech (IT) 2007-2011

Shivani Pant

Software Engineer, Engineering Manager
United States
B.Tech (IT) 2010-2014

Nayan Singhal

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Generative AI at Meta
Menlo Park, California, United States
B.Tech (IT) 2010-2014

Breakout Sessions

Participants have the exciting opportunity to join any of the 4 dynamic parallel breakout sessions or networking rooms. Each room will feature a panel of 4 to 5 esteemed alumni who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields..

  • All
  • Continuing with Higher Education
  • Venturing in Entrepreneurship
  • Civil Services and Other Gov. Jobs
  • Progressing in Corporate Jobs

Continuing with Higher Education

Continuing with Higher Education

Venturing in Entrepreneurship

Venturing in Entrepreneurship

Civil Services and Other Gov. Jobs

Civil Services and Other Gov. Jobs

Progressing in Corporate Jobs

Progressing in Corporate Jobs

Event Activities

There are so many interesting activities within this meet.All activities are described below

Director's Speech

Speech by Prof. Mukul S. Sutaone

Director, IIIT Aallahabad

Chief Guest Speech

Speech by Hon'ble Shri Anand Deshpande
Chairman BoG, IIIT Aallahabad

Dean Speech

Speech by Hon'ble Prof.Anupam Agrawal
Dean Alumni Affaris, IIIT Aallahabad

Team Members

The event organization is being managed by the Office of Alumni Affairs, ATTSC, Core Organizing Committee, with the assistance of the ASSIC Team. The members of the Core Alumni Organizing Committee are displayed below.


Prof. Anupam – Chairman

Dean Alumni Affairs

Dr. S. Venkatesan

Dr. Manish Kumar

Dr. Anjali Gautam

Dr. Sudipta Das

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Bhukya

Dr. Navjot Singh

Dr. Surya Prakash

Dr. Md. Javed

Dr. Seema Kushwaha

Dr. Savitri Joshi

Mr. Vivek Nagar

Mr. Rajit Ram Yadav

Dr. Nabajyoti Mazumdar - Convener

The Core Organizing Committee of Alumni

Anirban Bhowal

M.Tech CE 2013 Batch

Vineet Sagar

B.Tech ECE 2007 Batch

Vatsal Mishra

BTech IT 2012 Batch

Dr. Rahul Jaiswal

M.Tech 2013 Batch

Shikha Baghel

M.Tech (WCC) 2013 Batch

Nikhil Kumar

B.Tech (IT) 2011 Batch

Abhishek Jaiswal

B.Tech (IT) 2013 Batch

Kumar Rishav

B.Tech (IT) 2010 Batch


B.Tech (IT) 2018 Batch

Raushan Raj

B.Tech (IT) 2022 Batch

Rajeev Saxena

B.Tech (IT) 2007 Batch

Bindesh Pandey

MBA 2004 Batch

Kuldeep Panchal

B.Tech (IT) 2010 Batch

Taruna Gupta

B.Tech (IT) 2007 Batch

Himadri Shah

MBA 2014 Batch

         The Office of Alumni Affairs Team Members

Prof. Anupam

Dean (Alumni Affairs)

Mr. Raj Chandra

Convener, Alumni Affairs

Sh. Santosh K. Choubey

Coordinator, Alumni Affairs
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